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A healthy and peaceful world free of POVERTY where every living being has access to Energy and Clean Water, and ALL essential human needs.

Sustainable Energy Movement - IN THE NEWS:

​"You NEVER change Things by Fighting Existing Reality... To change Something, Build a Better Model to Make the Old Model Obsolete!"  ~ Buckminster Fuller

"You Don’t JUST Live in Life...You CHANGE it, You SHAPE it, You put your MARK upon it."  ~ Pirates of Silicon Valley (movie)

"When you Cut Down the Last Tree and Poison the Last River you will Know that you cannot Eat Money...that’s WISDOM."  ~ Native American Wisdom

"If you Always DO, what you Always DONE, you will Always GET what you Always GOT!"  ~ Mark Twain

Our Goal is to get everyone involved to make a difference in every community and the world. Share with your friends and make a contribution now!

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Assist and Fund a second generation scalable cutting edge electromagnetic wind turbine, capable of “Super-Efficiently” extracting energy necessary to provide ALL essential human needs; ANYWHERE!  


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